Welcome to La Roda. A typical Bodega in Calella.



A typical Bodega in Calella since 1962.

la roda calella

With more than 50 years of history and experience La Roda is today a one of the icons of Calella. Sincé 1962 we have had open doors for several generations to come and enjoy our famous roast chicken and the different dishes that we offer.

la roda calella

Quimeta Puigvert, born in Masia Can Tarradas in Sant Cebria de Vallalta and Jaume Paltre, born in Calella and son of Fishmonger Francisco Paltre, known in the village as "Can Paco" were the driving forcé of the business which they built up with their own hands.

la roda calella

Calella in the 1960s that was emerging into what is now a tourist city. The hectic rythym of hotels being built and the increase of tourist attractions that in time converted it into what was known as "German Calella" in a tourist reference all over the world.


the tourist capital of the Maresme Coast.

Calella is the tourist capital of the Maresme Coast. Being situated 50 kilometres from Barcelona and Gerona, its geographical position , as well as its roads, make it a key factor for all kinds of excursions and activities. This makes it an ideal tourist destination. The configuration of its centre, with a large pedestrian and commercial zone, along with 15 squares, green spaces and a large offer of accomodation (with nearly 14,000 hotel , appartments and camping spaces) make Calella one of the most important tourist destinations of the country. An offer of nearly three kilometres in length of beaches and more than 180.000 square metres of golden clean sand and intense blue wáter, natural zones such as the Dalmau Park, the Paseo de Manel Puigvert, Paseo de Garbi or Las Torretas, make Calella a dinamic, modern and friendly city that lets the visitor enjoy a destination with its own uniqueness.


The secret of our cuisine.

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La Roda we have a star product: our roast chicken. Prepared very carefully and cooked on a wood fire, makes it unique and different. However we also offer other high quality products such as our well known rock mussels, or Iberian ham with tomato bread.

la roda calella

Our Champagne Sangria is another one of our well known products in our establishment. However we also offer a large selection of Cavas and Champagnes and Wines, including the house wine which we keep in old barrels of our bodega.

la roda calella

The secret of our cuisine is in the intake of high quality products. Offer a traditional cuisine, typical of a Bodega. We have a large selection of cold meats from Cataluyña, salads and anchovy of the Escala. These are some of the dishes you'll find in our letter.


A few from our Bodega.


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